zondag 8 augustus 2010

lvl 96 elite armor serie

lvl 96 elite armors are introduced in the 4.1 patch and are similair to Le Noirs in stats, most having lower res and defense tough but only needing lvl 96 chips to enchant.


List of Qualified material ingredients:

  • Silver bars are sold by item merchants
  • Composite steel is sold my the metal merchant in reboldeux
  • Reinforced leather and hq cloth are sold by the satin ncp in coimbra
  • Lv 29 Crystals are gotten from breaking +7 84e armors, +6 27dr armors or +5 92e's on the El Dorado furnace.
  • other qualified materials drop in kato/frozen plain

Where to get the armor:

  • Party mission, mining camp
  • Bounty hunter Bahamar
  • Bounty hunter Secret Tower
  • Bounty hunter Occulta

Where to get the recipe:
  • Instanced Rafflesia
  • Instanced Uranus
  • Instanced Fire Gate
  • Instanced Griffon
  • Holy Water Chamber Raid
  • Heavenly Vespanola soldiers
  • Heavenly Giant Keeper
  • Bounty hunter Skeleton Dungeon


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