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Elite trump armor serie

Elite trump armors are one of the newest armor series and are introduced in v4.5. Similair to the Elite le Blanc serie it's a 30 dr serie for some of the wealthiest people. However unlike other series e trump is expert exclusive, meaning only experts and beyond can wear it and it needs pricy and rare veteran chips.
After V10.18 this armor can be worn by veterans and up instead.

Where to get materials:

  • Dragon heart's only drop as recipes of Swamp Angler's, Kings of Coverty, Heavenly Giant Keeper, Heavenly vesp soldiers, Uranus,Instanced Uranus, Instanced Griffon, Castilla Raids, Castilla Relix Echanger, Castilla Treasure Hunt and . (2% droprate for most)
  • Reinforced leather and hq cloth are sold by the satin ncp in coimbra
  • Lv 30 Crystals are gotten from breaking +8 84e's, +7 27dr armors, +6 92e's, +5 LN's or +5 96e's at El Dorado.
  • A piece of trump card drops of the bosses in arsene secret vault raid.
  • Arsene Circus tickets are crafted versions of the recipe drops which can be found in either of the circus raids.

Where to get the recipe:
Elite trump armors only drop as recipes.

  • Arsene Secret Vault

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