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Le Noir armor serie

Le Noir armors have been around since the start of sword are where often seen as somewhat bad armor. However since the 3.5 update Le Noir recipes started to drop, and 4.1 brought even more raids that can drop them. Since they're now easy to get and relatively cheap to craft for a armor they're quite liked now a days.
Do note that the Le Noir series sports a unique look, and often the highest elemental res any armor can offer but only give 29 base DR.

Where to get materials:

  • The above hq gems can be crafted with recipes bought in auch or any major city after 4.1 at the metal merchant.
  • Composite Steel is sold by the metal npc in reboldeux.
  • Reinforced leather and hq cloth are sold by the satin ncp in coimbra.
  • Lv 29 Crystals are gotten from breaking Lv +7 84e armors, +5 92e armors or +6 27 dr armors in el dorado.
  • Mega Ores drop in most post veteran maps.

Where to get the complete armor:

  • Uranus
  • Lightning Gate
  • Sehkmet
  • Castilla Raids
  • Castilla Relic Exchanger
  • Castilla Treasure Hunt
  • Joaquin Underground Passage
  • Elemental Trinity Force
  • Avernus Road
  • Greed never sleeps
  • Joaquin basement bosses
  • Bounty hunter Toubekal Mine
  • Bounty hunter Secret Tower
  • Bounty hunter Ice Wizard Tower
  • Instanced Uranus
  • Instanced Ice Wizard Tower
  • Instanced Sehkmet
  • Greed never ends

Where to get the recipe:

  • Swamp Angler
  • King of Coverty
  • Undertaker
  • Instanced Uranos
  • Instanced Griffon
  • Instanced Fire Gate
  • Instanced Lightning Gate
  • Instanced Ice Wizard Tower
  • Party mission Vergo
  • Party mission Rafflesia
  • Party mission Griffon
  • Party mission Cursed Forest
  • Party mission mining camp


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