maandag 2 februari 2009

Tonfa's and new stances Gorgeous and Seluminar.

so in 3.4.5 we'll get another update, however it's a small update but provided with clips of the stance so i reckon it deserved it's own thread.

Both the weapons for ania and Nar (the tonfo ones) will be added to baron elite list:

Mats are:
10 jewel powder
30 pure otite
100 pure quarts
100 pure ore (not sure wich)
3 lvl 92 enchantment chips

Nar's huge single handed tonfa stance (Semunilar) + baron e (435 base atk):

Ania's dual handed normal tonfa stance (Gorgeus) + baron e's equipped (both 197 base atk):

The stance book will be purchasable for 1 mil fesos, maybe a quest will come later:

Seluminar (Nar's single huge tonfa stance):

Normal attack vid
Impulse skill vid
Greusome skill vid
Millitant skill vid (Boring)
Merciless skill vid
Occult Sciences skill vid

Gorgeous (Ania's dual tonfa stance):

Gorgeus auto attack vid
Turning force skill vid
Repulsive force skill vid
Massacre skill vid
Psychic skill vid
Reverie skill vid

Source: playge article

Have fun biggrin.gif

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