dinsdag 3 februari 2009

New armor recipes of 3.0

So some armor recipes have appeared in 3.0 on sge wich i didn't read much about, here the info:

Le noir recipes:
Leather armor crystals for scout/fighter
Soft armor crystals for musk/ele/wizard
to get a grade 26 crystal you need to destroy a 84 elite armor in Errac the new mayan zone.
type of armor depends wich crystal you get.
Ambrosia is still unkown but probally cash shop item

Elite le blanc:
Same here again type of armor destroyed depends what crystal you get.
this needs 2 grade 28 crystals aka you need to destroy 2 lvl 92 elite armors.

Elite Le Noir recipes:
Also same here, but you need to destroy 2 Elite le blancs getting the grade 30 armor crystals.

Source is: here

3 opmerkingen:

  1. how do you get those recipes? is any boss/mob drop? or you can buy it from an UPC?

  2. Please, where to find these ELB/ELN recipes?

  3. From what i know atm,

    they aren't ingame at all, tough even the jp wiki lists these recipes no one knows where they are found..

    might be these images were a ruse, knowing ge playerbase i wouldn't be suprised