woensdag 23 januari 2013

Ogre and Werewolf weapons

A 30 ar weapon series introduced by patch v3.0.
Uunlike other 30 ar weapon series the werewolf weapons have dmg to humans built in while the ogre series has a increased base atk.
Don't bother with the polearm though as several easier to get 92e polearms provide a higher atk.

Where to get Materials:

  • Seals are gotten from the hunting quest in reboldeux sewers, only 1 ogre and 1 werewolf quest are repeatable.
  • Pure ores drop in all veteran and higher lvl maps
  • Cast Iron and Composite Steel are sold by the metal npc in Reboldeux
  • Solvent are sold cheaply by every item merchant

Where to get the recipes:

  • Reboldeux Sewers
  • Errac Tierra, Noche
  • Errac Tierra, Dias

Doratomoanother doratomo link and 2ch wiki

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