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Raid Character guide

Hey all, this is shortly designed to nominate the best type of chars for certain roles during end game raiding. (for most expert and below raids any team will work now a days. so i'm not gonna list every possible char)

Provoker Tanks:
Tanks for the end game raids or for those with poorer equips.

Coimbra Trooper ★★★★★
King of the tanks, lower str then fighter and higher con means ppl usually build him for con.
And rightfully so as a 100 con shield user is a whole different game. Obviously this is the best possible tank for surviving, but he often loses out on agro made on base dmg alone.

Fighter ★★★★
The fighter is the most common tank you'll see, and often the strongest due to good base str and access to peltast. Both peltast and crusader are open for him, and both are pretty good dps to keep agro with. (blunt is no longer hella slow fully buffed jay) You can switch to what's needed, crusader for serious tanking, peltast for semi to tougher boss tanking. or switch to a full out dps stance and try to mantain agro with dps and provoke. (aka Tronada Cruz or Hanging Gaurd)

Reboldeux Soldier ★★
The only fighter type with several stances who can't easily provoke (need to use crusader's defiance aura) not recommended for tanking, as he will need longer to get agro via provoking.

Dps agro tanking:
unlike other games, this isn't to reliable at times. but it can still be pulled off.
Skillspamming high agro skills is important for these chars, look here to see how much agro each skill produces. Not for the toughest raids, as you'd need to survive to keep agro. (credit to Ashardalon ofc)

Very high auto atk dmg combined with decent skill dmg, 70 con and metal user makes for a great tank and dmg dealer.

Tronada Cruz
Very high dps coming from high dmg skills, not to great auto atk dmg but it attracts agro quite nicely. Both str and con are important here and since coimbra trooper is usually con build it loses out on agro big time. (best to worst: Claude / Alejandro > Fighter > Reb soldier BSI > Idge > Coimbra Trooper)

Nar ★()
Being able to spam skills quite a bit, horrible atk speed and acc though. But very good health and at v8 gets a very usefull personal buff.

Hanging Gaurd
Pretty decent melee dps, on some of the tougher characters. Better skill spamming then tc, but lower overall skill dmg. (Best to worst: Grenmah > FIghter >
BSI > Idge)

Not to great skill dps, pretty decent auto atk dps especiall for barons. Ropera and the ability to wear ele armor for karja and Andre mean they can perform very well at the elemental dmg raids. and they're still not to shabby at pure dmg raids. (Andre, Karja are best in this due to being able to survive very well, barons deal better dps but die easier.)

The backbone of any team, Keeps them alive and buffed up. There's still some variation with the characters but all are very much needed.

The original and often just plain good, 50 base con means a scout will reach 80 at master so he/she will have the highest hp there is for the scout types. Downside might be that scout is so over used that it's hard to find a good scout armor someone else doesn't want.

Wears wizard coats instead of scout leather, so loses out on defense and gains higher resistances.
Access to the wizard buffs can simply be a life saver, protection field can still drasctically reduce physical dmg. Magic Barrier vs insane magic dmg bosses, Ignore Harm vs debuff spammers or Invulnerable to just take no dmg for a while. And atop of that emilia can enter darkness, which is a flying stance so most mobs can't even hit her and allows her to debuff.

The newest addition to the scout type chars. Wears robes so like emilia has lower def then a normal scout. Her Innocentio stance is very hard to aquire, but it provides massive hp/sp regen for the team. a aoe anti debuff spell for any party member who's close enough and a huge aoe ress. Must have some valeria's for some high end raids now a days.

Just smaller scout with 10 less con, leather armor and some currently useless summons. still pretty good.

Soho/Romi/Emilia the Sage
Chars who either can only buff or only ress, not the greatest of choices as it means you'll need to rely on keeping 2 chars alive instead of 1 just to keep your other char going.

Need a song to boost morale? A fence to keep out the Greeks? a wizard to strip away that nasty debuff? support got it covered. Many support buffs/effects don't stack so there's often needed 1 max per squad though....

King of support, has party wide buffs that add atk,atk speed, crit, pene, max hp, acc and much more. The buffs add a lot of dps, but since it's party wide only 1 Vincent is needed per squad :/
Still, it's common to use dual high shock speed bracies on vince to create a shock spamming machine for easier raids. Or just to stick with Prelude and it's nice auto atk dmg. Ow and he can ress too!

see emilia under scout

Can add some nice wards to increase ranged dps /survivability. Wards help taking agro of trash and mobs and since the patch the constructs have a nice ar/dr at master. Quite though with leather armor as well.

Provides the ow so nice wizard buffs, reckless can provide nice dmg while wizard can dispell better with darkness. This spot is often taken so wizards aren't always that effective as support. Also important for destructing potential killstealers.

Magic damage dealers:
As you should know by now, not every raid is won by the highest physical dps. some raids have bosses weak to several type of magic dmg instead.

Highest mental/elemental dmg dealer, high cost in ancient orbs, dies very easily but has one of the best buffs out there.

Basically a elementalist with a worse personal skill, just a tiny bit worse really.

Good for mental dmg only, but survives far better because madness is a flying stance.

Very high Lightning dmg in evocation lightning buffed with vincent buffs. With lute his mental dmg isn't half bad either but lacks good dmg skills to really win dps with it.

Ranged damage dealers:
Ranged physical dmg, usually with guns and rifles.

Lionell (not yet out for us)
Uses a rifle and pistol to great effect, one of the weakest chars ever as a 40 con musk coat user.
But his 3 attacks per cycle high atk stance should make up for it, it's been proven to outdmg Shadow Sting barely with closely similar mods.

Shadow Sting is her signature exp stance with a crossbow, she can reach up to 120 penetration and combined with her decently high atk twice hitting atk stance she'll deal very good dmg.
Weaker vs high immunity bosses.

Mostly good vs low def bosses, even though it hasn't got pene or a nice atk boost it is still one of the better dps stances.

Dual/Superior Blaster
Shotgun stances who hit twice per atk, low base dmg and low atk multiplier. The debuffs of both stances should be very good when they land, but against most bosses it isn't to reliable.
Grace has the added benefit of being able to buff hound to increase dps, alas it doesn't stack with many important self buffs.

Single hit per atk, good skill spam dmg but skills seem pvp oriented. Even the debuff won't land on bosses at all.

Melee Damage Dealers:
Somewhat similar to dps agro tanks, but here the main goal is dps. still for most harder raids even these chars will die to fast.

Very high auto atk dmg combined with decent skill dmg, 70 con and metal user makes for a great tank and dmg dealer.

Tronada Cruz
High spike dmg with destruido, would need a refresh mind occasionly to drastically boost dps due to long cool down times. Claude and Alejandro preferred.

Nar ★()
Being able to spam skills quite a bit, horrible atk speed and acc though. But very good health and at v8 gets a very usefull personal buff.

Hanging Gaurd
Pretty decent melee dps, on some of the tougher characters. Better skill spamming then tc, but lower overall skill dmg. (Best to worst: Grenmah > Fighter >
BSI > Idge)

Pretty solid dps and good chances of surviving for karja and andre.

Bloody Feast
Very Very good melee dps, but at a cost. the best char for dps with this stance is a 50 con leather char who loses def and resistance if you're using the stance buff to increase dmg. Needless to say this stance will have problems surviving and while panfilo the battle cook won't have such issues with this stance his dmg will be far lower :/ Best for easier raids.

Other decent expert stances
Death Chopping, Gorgeous, Death Chopping and arnis aren't bad dps on their own. but none of the chars with these stances have high dr and can wear leather tops usually. Even if you can survive there's usually better options.

Inspired by book of wind and book of fire

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