vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

Greek Croma Armor serie

Greek Croma is the newest upcoming armor, so new actually it isn't live yet. But it seems the materials are already known thanks to wordwood. I've taken the liberty of seeing the 31 dr metal armor as a Greek Croma version with reduced DR, since it's also new and has somewhat similair materials.
In v10.18 the Fate of Castilla is changed into a 33dr armor.


Where to get materials:

  • Dragon heart's only drop as recipes of Swamp Angler's, Kings of Coverty, Heavenly Giant Keeper, Heavenly vesp soldiers, Uranus,Instanced Uranus, Instanced Griffon, Castilla Raids, Castilla Relix Echanger, Castilla Treasure Hunt and . (2% droprate for most)
  • Mega Quartz drops in the prison raid and Castilla raids.
  • Lv 33 Crystals are gotten from breaking +7 ELB's, +8 Ln's, +8 96e's or +5 ELN's at El Dorado.
  • Lv 31 Metal Crystals are gotten of breaking +5 ESA's, +7 92e's and +9 84e's at El Dorado.
  • Shiny Crystals drop from areas below lvl 100 but not premium areas.
  • Gold Ancient relics can be gotten from castilla mines, ruins, chaos tower, relic exchanger and treasure hunt.

So far only recipes drop in Castilla Tower of Choas, Land of the dead and Castilla treasure hunt.

Fate of castilla recipe can also drop in Greed never ends btw.

Wordwood and 2ch wiki

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